The “bad guy” and the mama’s boy. Eight types of men that women avoid.
Thought Catalog columnist Dasia Ricketts describes several types of men that women can’t stand and don’t want to marry.
A man is a child. When a man can not make a decision on his own, when he is offended that a woman does not respond to his messages for a long time, takes too much to heart that a woman does not agree with his opinion, interest in him disappears. They do not want to marry a man who throws a tantrum out of any insignificant conflict.
Bodybuilder. A man in excellent physical condition is good. But when admiring your body turns into a mania, a man can not live for a few hours without a selfie in the mirror, when all his conversations are reduced to admiring his own achievements in the hall, a woman does not feel loved and does not want to connect life with such a man.
Mama’s boy. There is nothing wrong with loving your mother and family. Many women believe that if a man respects his mother, he will respect his wife. But if during a quarrel with a woman, a man calls his mother for advice, if his mother is still paying his bills, if a man offers a woman to consult with his mother on various issues, if he runs away to his mother at the click of her finger, the woman is repelled.
Loser. A woman does not want to build a long-term relationship with a man who can not come to the rescue when a woman needs it, who does not work, lives at the expense of her parents, plays video games all day and does not worry about the future.
“Bad guy.” Many women are initially attracted to bold, dangerous men. But when it comes to a serious relationship and marriage, a woman begins to doubt whether she needs a man with a criminal past, a man who can lay a hand on a woman, sells drugs or uses himself, is rude to a woman, and so on.
A traitor. A woman may not know for sure that her man has someone on the side. But she can guess. Some signs of male behavior may indicate infidelity. For example, when he talks on the phone and goes to another room, when he does not want a woman to go with him to some party, when various women’s things (cosmetics, accessories) are accidentally found in his house or car. For such a man, women are in no hurry to get married.
Man-eternal-questions. Of course, women like it when a man is interested in her opinion, but when a man asks questions about everything and always, it starts to annoy. For example, the questions “Can I kiss you?”, “Can we have sex?”, ” Did you like it?”, ” Is everything okay?” they drive women crazy.
Too bossy a man. A man who tries to control a woman’s life scares her away. When he doesn’t want you to leave the house without him, and if you do, he calls you every 10 minutes, when he doesn’t like your friends and looks out for who you are texting on social networks, it’s not very pleasant. A woman, like a man, should have a personal space.