Tired of trying to persuade your loved one to watch a romantic comedy? Titr rushes to the rescue!
Ann has spent the last fifteen years having an affair with the nerdy Duncan, who loves old-school rock artist Tucker Crowe more than his girlfriend. Suddenly, after 20 years of silence, Crowe presents a new album, “Naked Juliet”. To spite her lover, Ann leaves an unflattering comment about Tucker’s music. And he suddenly answers her. So begins Ann’s unusual romance with the “hated” rocker.
On an ordinary evening in an ordinary restaurant, two far from ordinary bets are made — Andy, a witty and pretty journalist, must meet and” drive ” a guy to madness, and then write an article “How to get rid of a guy in 10 days”, and Benjamin, a young and charming advertiser, must fall in love with a girl in the same time. And how lucky these two were to meet at the right time, in the right place, and meet the “right” person.
Imagine: at a party with friends, you met the girl of your dreams. Smart, educated, funny, she won you over at first sight. And then, after talking to her all night and walking her home, you find out that she’s … engaged. What should I do now? Except to become friends. Friends who understand each other in half a word, are jealous of each other and can not be together in any way.
Jackass, video game lover, and real-life rock star Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams: Ramona is beautiful, witty, cool, and cold to Scott. Just perfect! What he didn’t know was that the way to a girl’s heart wasn’t through her stomach, compliments, or expensive gifts. To win the girl, he needs to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes. Otherwise-no way.
The young, but already famous writer Calvin has a creative crisis. The new novel does not want to be written in any way, and nothing sticks with the girls. He comes up with a brilliant idea: to write a novel about Ruby Sparks, the perfect girl. The writer’s love for his fictional book heroine was so strong that one day he found her living embodiment at home. What should I do with it now?
One sunny day, Tim learns a family secret: it turns out that all the men in his family can travel in time. No kidding! Now Tim can do everything: correct a bad grade,” correctly ” meet a girl he likes and help a friend with a problem. But the hero does not know what consequences can lead to harmless time travel.
Successful and beautiful Diana goes on a blind date: judging by her voice and manners, her boyfriend is charming, charismatic, well-read, polite, and, of course, beautiful to the point of disgrace. When she reaches the coveted cafe, she is convinced that she was right. However, she did not think about the growth of her beau…
It is difficult for a 16-year-old to explain what is going on in his head, especially when he has to live “his best years”. The flood of problems has so overwhelmed Craig that he sees the only way out in suicide. Fortunately, the young man goes to the doctor, who, without going into the details of the problem, sends him to the department for “special” patients. The moral is not new: in order to learn to enjoy every day, sometimes you have to look at your own life through the eyes of other people.
Nick is a complete layman in relationships. His ex-girlfriend, Tris, not only didn’t appreciate the guy and his romantic gestures at all, but also dumped him on his birthday. After sitting in the apartment for God knows how long, he still decides to go out and “clear his head”. And his gay friends, his favorite rock band, and a chance acquaintance with a charming girl will make this day simply unforgettable.
Do you have a problem with the ladies? Alex “Hitch” Hitchens is coming to the rescue! For a good fee, he will help any modest man learn how to turn the heads of girls. Hitchens takes on even the most seemingly lost cases — for example, bringing together a bumbling chubby accountant and a glamorous star. But, despite all his experience and professionalism, Alex is a simple person who can also fall in love, “lose” his head and screw up at work.