A detailed formula for success for a first date or casual dating.
In 1968, the American doctor Kenneth Cooper came up with a series of tests for human physical endurance. Each one lasts for 12 minutes. For example, the further you managed to escape during this time — the stronger your body and better athletic training. Later it turned out that “12 minutes of Cooper” has a wider application. So much time is given to the firefighters to get to the source of the fire, the hostess-to make sure that the egg is cooked, or Michael Jackson-to perform Thriller. A study by AXA involving two thousand couples proved that 12 minutes is enough to interest a partner. How to pass the “Cooper test” perfectly during a casual acquaintance or on the first date and win the heart of a man?
1: 00 minute. Smile.
The expression “love at first sight” can be safely rephrased as “love at the first smile”. 64% of men note that it is the smile with which a girl meets a potential partner that is the decisive factor in the question of further communication. This happens even before you exchange a few words.
2:00. Appearance.
About how beautiful you are at heart, he has yet to learn. Provided that you pass the second minute of the test brilliantly. It is at this point that the partners subconsciously evaluate each other’s appearance. More than half of the respondents can still ignore old-fashioned shoes or a bad hairstyle, but an unpleasant smell will put an end to further communication in 60% of cases.
3: 00. Synesthesia.
Remember Pavlov’s dog, for whom the light of a light bulb has always been associated with food? Humans, like other animals, can react differently to different stimuli. For example, a certain fragrance evokes unexpected memories from childhood, and a color “turns on” a melody in your head. A sexy smell, a comfortable environment or a pleasant taste will help to seduce a partner without him noticing.
4:00. Visual contact.
For 58% of men, visual contact with their partner is very important. Do not forget to look the other person in the eye with confidence. But don’t overdo it. Do not constantly drill his eyes.
5:00. The timbre of the voice.
There are those rare lucky girls who were born with the seductive voice of Scarlett Johansson, others have learned to model it so as not to be rejected. According to statistics, at least a quarter of men on a date pay close attention to the charming female voice.
6:00. Three questions.
It was time to strike up a conversation. Harvard University is rushing to the rescue. Forget cliches like “Who do you work for now?”, “How was your day?” or the notorious “About the weather”. Using a mathematical algorithm, Harvard researchers have calculated four win-win questions that will determine your compatibility:”Do you like horror movies?”, “Have you ever traveled alone?”,” Would it be great to leave everything and live on a ship?”,” What ingredient would you add to pizza? ” If your partner answers the questions the same way you do, science gives the green light to your relationship.
7:00. Whatsapp?
82% of men during the first acquaintance are irritated by the sound of a vibrating or ringing phone of a companion. When going on a responsible date, forget about the existence of messengers and social networks and do not be distracted by answering another “very important message”.
8: 00. Flattery.
There are two types of flattery: quite sincere and the one that makes the eyebrows creep up in surprise. Yes, men are certainly susceptible to compliments, but you still need to avoid cloying flattery. False notes in your voice will at best be ignored, at worst — will deprive you of a second date.
9: 00. Work interview.
The most common mistake on the first date is when communication turns into a tennis tournament or a job interview in the “question-answer”format. Feel the ground: what topics does your interlocutor willingly support, and which ones are unpleasant for him to talk about? Well-known taboos are the topics of material well-being and former relationships. Do not ask closed-ended questions, that is, those to which the answer implies “yes” or “no”. Choose cues that will help your partner open up. And answer any question yourself as if you are talking about something very pleasant. And then your interlocutor will probably want to call you back.
10.00. Speed.
The rate at which a man lets a new woman into his life, according to statistics, is much lower than that of his partner. Don’t rush things and don’t do anything too fast! And on all fronts. If a woman invades her personal space too persistently, gives out a lot of information about herself or talks banally quickly — this causes discomfort in 83%. For example, scientists have proven that the most tempting rate of speech is 125-150 words per minute.