Features of national flirting: how to show sympathy in different countries.
Which country flirts more often than others? Why are the stereotypes about proactive and passionate Spanish men wrong? And what is the danger of flirting with the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic? We tell you in our material.
People flirt in different ways in different parts of the world. According to the data published on the website Ethnologue.com, there are more than 7,000 different languages in the world, each of which has words that other cultures cannot understand. Therefore, it is not surprising that nonverbal communication also differs greatly among representatives of different nations. Even prolonged eye contact has special interpretations depending on what country you are in.
Despite the differences, the culture of flirting is widespread everywhere. This is an integral part of our life. But the ways to impress the desired object will be different for an Englishman and, for example, for a Greek. Let’s look at how people flirt in different countries.
Iran: a balance between the desire to please and compliance with the laws.
As you know, in Islamic countries, state laws are very strict. They even regulate how people are supposed to dress. And when it comes to flirting, there aren’t many ways available for Iranians to display their “art of seduction.” According to Newsweek, virtually all types of public displays of love are prohibited in the country. “While young Iranians seek freedom and fewer restrictions when it comes to interacting with the opposite sexualy, they may face fines, imprisonment, and torture,” the publication said. Because of such harsh laws, the people of Iran do not flirt so often in public. They prefer to do this mostly alone with each other. In public places, the inhabitants of this country manage to use only small hints that they are not averse to getting acquainted. For example, some young women – even those who wear the hijab-use makeup to attract the attention of men. The latter, in turn, can carefully ask the lady for a phone number. And yet, after that, they will not rush and immediately invite a woman to a personal meeting, but will limit themselves to phone calls that will be filled with heart-to-heart conversations about high things.
Italy: constant compliments and physical contact.
Even if you’ve never been to Rome, you’ve probably heard that Italians are very fond of flirting and giving women every possible sign of attention. According to a survey conducted by the dating site Badoo, the capital of Italy is ranked eighth in the world for the love of flirting. The Telegraph publication describes how the world perceives Italians in these words:: “We consider Italians to be the gurus of romance, passionate lovers who win us over with a single glance and take women away on their scooters to groom them in some secluded olive grove.” And as practice shows, these stereotypes are not so far from reality. If an Italian man likes a woman, he immediately begins to shower her with compliments, referring to her as “Bella signora”. Even if it’s just a stranger on the street. And if you went on a date with an Italian, then keep in mind: representatives of this nation show their feelings by reducing the physical distance – they like to touch their hands and hug women who attract them. At the same time, they remain gallant gentlemen who idolize the fair sexualy.
France: relaxed and relaxed heart-to-heart conversations.
Many people are used to seeing France as a country where love is literally in the air. The beauty of the French language, architecture and popular attractions really sets you up for a romantic mood, but when it comes to flirting, it can be difficult for foreigners to understand the true feelings of the French. Not because they are reserved in showing sympathy, but on the contrary, because flirting is their second nature. As the newspaper writes FrenchToday.com, “a kiss when meeting and saying goodbye is a familiar gesture for French women, which gives the impression of” flirtatiousness ” of these women [from the point of view of foreigners]. It can be difficult for representatives of other nations to correctly interpret the body language of a French woman” (read also: “True or not: 8 main myths about French women”). The behavior of the inhabitants of this country can be confusing – they are always direct, often chat about funny little things and almost never rush things. However, if a Frenchman invites you to sit in a cozy coffee shop, and at the meeting constantly tries to make you laugh, you can be sure that he cares about you. The only advice that can be given to foreigners in dealing with residents of France is to listen to your intuition (and not force the situation!).
Greece: flirting as an integral part of social interaction.
In this country, there is a very interesting trend: in recent years, the Greeks have become very fond of flirting, which is confirmed by many studies. The Reuters news agency even claims that “the birthplace of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle is the’ most flirtatious city ‘ in the modern world.” Also, according to the results of a survey conducted by the dating site Badoo, which analyzed “the number of online flirtations initiated by users per month”, the residents of Athens won a landslide victory. Surprised? We also. However, the Greeks themselves do not see anything unusual in this. “Athenians love parties, they like to socialize,” says the Greek writer Victoria Kyriakopoulos. ” Flirting and jokes with sexual overtones have become not just a way to achieve a goal, but an integral part of social interaction.” Thus, it is safe to say that passionate Italians have strong competitors in the art of seduction.
Spain: women take matters into their own hands.
Another romantic European country that is famous for its magnificent landscapes and historical monuments is Spain. And if you watched “Three meters above the sky”, then you probably imagine the Spaniards as enterprising and brave men who know how to beautifully achieve the attention of women. But in this case, the reality is different from the movie: according to Thrillest, today in Spain, women initiate new acquaintances with the opposite sexualy much more often than men. However, there are some pitfalls. This behavior of ladies sometimes confuses men, and they mistake female sociability and friendliness for flirting and sexual interest. In short, even if a Spanish woman winks and smiles at a stranger, it does not mean that she considers him as a potential partner.
Dominican Republic: Flirting with tourists as a great way to make some money.
The Dominican Republic is known for its magnificent beaches and resorts, and locals are already used to the growth of tourism. So used to it that in the country there were so-called “Sanky-panky” – men who earn their living by flirting with foreign women. According to The Sun: “The objects of interest of the Sanky-panky (who often work in the hotel business) are most often single female vacationers. They [Dominican men] shower them with compliments, pretend to be in love with them, and in some cases even make a marriage proposal. And all for the money.” In reality, such men are absolutely not interested in relationships and can simultaneously take care of many women. So in the Dominican Republic, flirting is a kind of job for locals, so it is extremely difficult for foreigners to understand the true intentions of the Dominicans.
Canada: the utmost courtesy and respect for personal space.
Canadians are considered a very polite nation, so they flirt unobtrusively, observing all the norms of decency. It is curious that the subtleties of national relations are warned even at official meetings with immigrants. For example, at the Montreal conference, which was attended by foreigners who received Canadian citizenship, the speakers explained: “It is not necessary to violate a woman’s personal space, it is also necessary to refrain from touching and talking about marriage or children. And at the restaurant, be prepared to split the bill in half.” At the same time, women were advised not to be afraid to take the initiative, because “waiting for the romantic exploits of a Canadian man, you just waste time.” So Italian passion is the exact opposite of Canadian romance. But this also has its advantages. There are not many countries in the world where respect for each other is so highly valued as in Canada.
Great Britain: intelligence and a sense of humor.
Brits love to flirt, telling their passions jokes and funny stories. A sense of humor is exactly what is highly valued in this country ( read also: “How to meet in London pubs: rules of conduct for single girls”). “It is believed that everyone likes to laugh heartily,” writes Metro. “So a sense of humor can be the key to your lover’s heart.” Maybe this is how the British actor Joe Alvin charmed the popular American singer Taylor Swift and even inspired her to create the song “London Boy”?
If you went on a date with a Briton, remember that the representatives of this nation most of all hate hackneyed phrases and outdated cliches (we will not talk about unfunny jokes). The only exception is the opening phrases that are usually associated with the weather (“It’s a beautiful / sunny/rainy day, isn’t it?”). Just keep in mind: they are used only to start a conversation, and not to spend hours discussing changeable weather conditions.