You liked the girl, but you don’t know what to do next. And she also pays no attention to you – then read the following information and make the right conclusions.
How to fall in love with a girl?
Love is a mysterious feeling that can lift a person to heaven or devastate and return to the sinful earth. Often guys do not dare to take the first step, for fear of experiencing the bitterness of disappointment.
What should be done to prevent this from happening?
To attract the attention of the chosen one – to become her friend, to start a conversation, to find a common topic, in order to understand what the girl loves, what she fears, whether she is alone or loves someone. There should be no difficulties in the way of friendly relations, the most important principle is a minimum of demonstrative signs of attention, and more walks around the city and interesting conversations. At the next stage, it would be nice to gain the trust of parents, because at the initial stage, girls do not introduce guys to relatives, but a friend can, if you get good support from the side – this will be a big plus for future relationships. Make a push for love, and it is best to do it so that the chosen one thinks that she made this choice. To do this, at the meeting, you need to give what the girl loves most, it can be a teddy bear, flowers, a chain with a pendant, elements of her hobby. To make the girl start thinking in your direction, give her a kiss on the cheek at parting, this method is to make the chosen one think about you. And thinking about it can lead to the fact that you are very dear to her and not only as a friend. This stage is difficult in a relationship, you need to make it clear to the girl that she can not do without you, and for this to write her a text message that you should be alone and sort out your feelings. It is not necessary to specify anything, the only thing to say is that “everything will be fine with us”. Now you need to survive the breakup, but do not overdo it, because the girl can burn out and cool down to you, and even what – to find a new boy. That’s the final touch-buy a huge bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne, an interesting gift, and come to the chosen one, even if the parents are at home, it’s good, because you have already enlisted their support. Tell her that you can’t live without her and you want to have a serious relationship with her. You can’t ask her for an instant answer, let her think about it and decide whether she wants to be with you or not. If the girl did not fall for this way to attract her attention, you can play on her possessive feelings – make her jealous, but this must be done delicately, so as not to destroy what was.
Why do girls shy away from you?
To get closer to your election you need to change yourself, become more confident and successful. You need to take care of yourself, use perfumes, keep your nails and hair in order, and wear stylish and neat clothes.
Do not be afraid to communicate with girls, use pure speech, without verbal garbage and swearing. Look the girl in the eye, give her nice compliments, do not upset her with words and actions.
You need to make a girl feel sexually aroused, because not always friendly relationships can be translated into love. Only this can cause her to have a crazy passion for you.
You should not be boring and cheerless for her, entertain her, surprise her, give her pleasure and excitement, let her remember every piece of information with delight. Give her nice trinkets and make bright surprises.
Tips from experienced users!
Be special, do not show her your loyalty and do not show obsession, try to be a mystery, because you are not so easy to get. You can not predict, today you are passionate and passionate, and tomorrow you do not even pick up the phone and do not answer SMS, explaining that at work or school you are very busy.
After a quarrel or conflict, do not show her that you will now go to a bar to drink beer or sit at home and play computer games, let it remain a mystery. So the chosen one will torment herself, suffer, whether you suffer after separation from her or not.
That way, she’ll be the first to call and ask where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. You remain unperturbed, but ask her out and make her charming, and at parting throw a phrase, as if joking: “See you soon, maybe!”.
These actions will drive the girl crazy, and she will definitely be yours!
Conclusion and recommendations!
All these tips do not say that you should always calculate the moves and do everything according to a certain program, just follow common sense and logic, decide for yourself whether you need this beauty or this is a passionate urge that will seem thoughtless to you tomorrow.
If the feelings are strong and there is a great desire to win the chosen one, then you need to be gentle and assertive, loyal and reliable, bold and playful, smart and beautiful. Learn how to properly maintain a conversation, be unobtrusive and interesting.
This is the only way to win the girl of your dreams. May your wishes come true and your marriages work out in heaven!