So many opportunities have been lost because of a man’s basic fear of being rejected. It seems that the object of sympathy is so close, it remains only to approach him and speak. But how to do it? What if the girl doesn’t want to talk or ignores the message you wrote on the social network? In order to avoid this, you need to know how to start a conversation with a girl in different ways.
How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet?
The Internet deprives people of live contact, but it gives them confidence. It is much safer to write a message and wait for a response, rather than trying to connect a few words, looking into the eyes of the girl you like. You can use the Internet as a reference point in communicating with the object of sympathy. What should be the beginning of a conversation with a girl in a social network, for example, in vk?
First, you need to put your profile in order. A girl will not get acquainted with a guy who does not have his personal photos on the page. You always want to understand what the other person looks like. Secondly, avoid banal phrases. These include “Hi, how are you?” and “Hi, let’s get to know each other”.
Intrigue. To make it interesting for a girl to communicate with you, you need to intrigue her. Leave a little understatement, then next time you will be the first to write. For example: “I just saw some interesting information on your page and it reminded me of something…”. Humor. Laughter will save any situation in which it is appropriate. If you managed to make a girl laugh, that’s half the success. Further acquaintance and communication are guaranteed to you. However, avoid making silly jokes that will spoil her opinion of you. A light “trick”. Some girls like this approach. For example, you can write: “I noticed that you very often sit in the vk, can you tell me some good application?”. In general, any “peppercorn” that can provoke the young lady a little. However, such an original beginning of a conversation with a girl does not” work ” with each of them.
In general, you can use any other approach that you like. However, you must take into account the character of the girl (it is easy to determine by her appearance, clothing style, makeup).
Start a conversation with a girl with an intrigue or a joke, it will be original and not banal.
How to start a conversation with a girl on the phone?
If you decide to call a girl on the phone, then this is a more serious event than a message on a social network. If the Internet communication of strangers is absolutely normal, but a phone call is more personal.
First, introduce yourself and tell us where you found the girl’s phone number. Although if you want to cover up the intrigue, you can not immediately admit how you managed to get her number. Tell the girl that you really wanted to meet her, but did not find any other option than to contact her by phone. Try to joke more and interest the interlocutor, so that she does not have the desire to hang up. At the end of the conversation, make an appointment.
If you do not know how to start a conversation with a girl by SMS, then everything is even easier here. Write her a beautiful poem and introduce yourself as a secret admirer. If you can find out her address, then find out and send her a bouquet of flowers, and write in a text message that she is waiting for a surprise.
It is very important not to abuse phone calls and not to call the girl very often. The same applies to text messages: you don’t need to write them too often, so that it doesn’t look intrusive.
How to start a conversation with a girl tete-a-tete.
It is very difficult to talk to a girl on the street, in a cafe, during a party, that is, tete-a-tete. The fear of rejection and making the wrong impression are usually obstacles to getting to know each other. Therefore, the first thing to do is to overcome these fears. How? Look them in the eye, that is, at least once to get acquainted with the girl you like. Your dating app will have the following structure:
A greeting. The beginning of a conversation with a girl should consist of a greeting. This is an elementary courtesy that must be observed. Go to the girl, say hello and introduce yourself. Question. Next, it is best to ask a question that she will not be able to answer in monosyllables. The question should concern her personally and not be banal. It will serve as a “hook” on which you will pick up your “fish”. When talking to a girl, do not be banal and do not ask questions that she will be able to answer with a monosyllabic compliment. Give her a compliment, but unobtrusively, so that she does not think that you like to pour beautiful words. Notice something really beautiful and subtly hint at it. The girl will love it. Make a joke. After that, be sure to make a joke. If a girl laughs – that’s half the success. Women love men with a sense of humor. Therefore, try to joke, but do it in a kind way, without going too far. Make a pleasant surprise. If you meet a girl in a cafe, order her a coffee. If you meet her in the park, buy her a balloon, that is, do something that will give her pleasure. Such an original beginning of a conversation with a girl is usually remembered for a long time. Talk about abstract topics. The conversation has already begun, which means that you have completed your mission. Next, you need to maintain interest in the conversation. Don’t get too personal too quickly. Talk about something abstract, look for common ground.
In some situations, the girl does not make contact. Do not despair. You’re not always the problem. Maybe she’s not in the mood or is in a relationship. If your attempt to get acquainted and start a conversation is not successful, this is not a reason to give up. There are so many beautiful free girls in the world who would very much like to be introduced to them in an original way. After one failure, do not tune in to another, believe that one day you will find the girl who will not only make contact with you, but also want to be close to you.