We’re trying to figure out why you can’t build a relationship.
The period of separation, sometimes, leaves its mark on our future relationships and the perception of love in general. We piece ourselves together like a jigsaw puzzle and close ourselves off from those we can potentially love.
There are those who objectively understand that their actions indicate all sorts of attempts to avoid attachment to someone. And there are those who simply do not understand why they do not stick again and again.
We have collected 7 signs that you are avoiding love and relationships.
You are constantly striving for independence.
Dependence in a relationship is, of course, not good at all, but building yourself as an independent person as possible, you will never get a high-quality and normal relationship. For example, if you suddenly get sick and instead of asking your boyfriend to take care of you, you will order the delivery of medicines from the pharmacy-think about whether you just want to avoid attachments?
You dedicate yourself to everything but relationships.
Of course, hobbies, work, friends, family and hobbies are very cool. But haven’t you ever thought about the fact that if you spend just one night a week with your man, you run the risk of never building a relationship with him? It is difficult to be with someone who will prefer you to go to the gym 5 times a week, work, friends and a thousand “very urgent and important things”, and you will be allocated only a couple of hours a week. Why, anyway?
You don’t show any emotion.
Love is impossible if there is no emotional intimacy and minimal vulnerability, so the best way to avoid developing a relationship is to avoid emotions altogether. As long as you don’t let a person into your life, you will be among those who avoid love.
You’re often silent on dates.
But not because you’ve found someone nice to be quiet with, but because you just don’t want to talk about yourself. The classic way to avoid attachment and relationships in principle, but will you last long?
You make up a million reasons not to go on a date (even with the guy of your dreams)
No matter what happened: the birth of a neighbor’s cat; the temperature is +22, and not the promised forecasters +23 outside the window; the release of a new album by Taylor Swift — if all these absurd things make you cancel a date, then most likely you are just running away from feelings. And you look a little crazy, to be honest.
You often have too much of your partner.
It’s one thing if he doesn’t get off you and asks you to hold his hand 24/7-that’s clear. But if you see each other twice a month for several months in a row, then this schedule should be changed (unless, of course, you are not afraid of falling in love).
You don’t know what you want.
If you answer all the questions of a guy “probably”, “maybe” and so on-most likely, you do not know what you want, and therefore run away from intimacy. Well, the guy runs after you. And in these catch-up games, no one will win.