10 tips on how to please a girl.
To please a woman, it is not necessary to study a mountain of psychological literature or copy the macho fights of Hollywood films. It’s enough to be a man. It would seem: what is easier? Only the trouble is that under the female spell, conquerors, getters, defenders are rapidly turning into a kind of essence of libido in its purest form. Against nature, as they say, you can not trample, but sometimes it is simply necessary to restrain your instincts: after all, there is no conqueror – there is no interest. The girl needs a prelude, but so that with special effects and other pleasant “applications”. This is something like a bonus system. Passed the level – got a bonus in your piggy bank. And if you are reading this article now, then you definitely need to improve your karma and learn these 10 tips on how to please a girl.

  1. Appearance.
    Here, everyone is the same: both sexes collect information about the new one based on external signs. 7 seconds – and the picture is ready, the puzzle is formed. A multi-faceted soul is not immediately revealed, the brain is not shown, but the face, the figure – everything is real. Take care of yourself. This is the lot not only of women, but also of self-respecting men. It is not necessary to remind once again that unwashed hair, an unpleasant smell, a stretched pullover do not like anyone.
  2. Gallant manners.
    The fashion for ” bad ” guys has passed. And whether there was such a thing is still a big question. But a gentleman who gives a hand to a lady when leaving the car, holding the door, helping to put on a coat, a priori, even the most glamorous thing will like it. It is clear that good manners and a sense of tact are not given just like that, but you just have to remember the basics of etiquette.
  3. Banal, but-flowers!
    Perhaps we should highlight this point. Well, how to please a girl, if you do not emphasize her beauty, even with a bouquet, and not a diamond necklace? A bouquet of flowers is the simplest, most effective and inexpensive means to save any situation or to establish a new contact. Bring flowers not only on your first date, but also just because it’s Wednesday night or scientists have discovered a new star.
  4. Listen to it.
    Everything she says makes sense, no matter what nonsense (in your opinion) she didn’t carry it. “Oh, what a pity for the children who are dying of hunger in Africa!” – an occasion to admire her kindness. “It’s cool in here,” offer your jacket (“How thoughtful he is,” is already running through her head). And remember. How? – Have you forgotten that tomorrow is her friend’s aunt’s birthday?” For her, everything that concerns the man of interest is important. Try to be equally attentive to her life.
  5. Sound accompaniment.
    This is not about the music that plays in your car (although this is important), but about WHAT and HOW you say it. The timbre of the voice, the pace of speech are identified from the first seconds of communication. And if the interlocutor on a subconscious level does not like these sound signals, then the content side of the conversation can save the situation. It is not necessary to talk about quantum mechanics. Just avoid ” bro ” words, obscene language, jokes below the belt, especially if you are barely familiar. But compliments – an unequivocal “yes”. Say them sincerely, to the point – and then they will be more than just beautiful words.
  6. Look for signals.
    Girls are more emotional than men. This may be in your favor. Even carefully trying to hide their feelings at first, a woman is still easy to read. The main thing is to be careful and recognize the signs of the female subconscious in time. Touching the hair, licking the lips, copying the gestures of the interlocutor, open poses, activity in the conversation – all these are sure signs of sympathy. You see that everything is going as it should, feel free to proceed to other means to win the girl.
  7. Self-confidence.
    This is the key to your success in everything. A self-sufficient, balanced, reasonable man is especially attractive to the opposite sexualy. If you are not sure of yourself, how can a girl be sure of you? The person she needs knows what she wants and how to achieve it. So know and achieve. Calm and confident. So you can melt the heart of any beauty and learn how to conquer an inaccessible girl!
  8. Be able to stand out with something.
    Yes, boredom and monotony kill relationships. And an extraordinary person who knows how to perform magic tricks, walk on his hands, speaks Hindi or sends only paper letters-this is already, you know, arouses interest. It’s not that she might be interested in your mental health. Just to live by the rules, schedule and walk on the beaten paths for most of the fair sexualy is boring.
    Be able to surprise with unpredictability. Come up with some funny chips. For example, when she bends down to kiss you again, say something like ” Yes, we know you women. You only need one thing!”. Or ask an unexpected, even stupid, question: “How does it taste better: stir the sugar in the tea clockwise or counterclockwise?”. The initiative is welcome. Increase your karma: spontaneous (and adequate!) actions, sudden gifts give a taste of life. Hobbies, travel expand your horizons, you will have something to tell about – and now you are not just a nice guy, but a multi-faceted personality.
  9. Be yourself. Naturalness suits everyone.
    Leave the pick-up techniques in the past. Girls are not so stupid as not to see through you with these hackneyed “tackles”. Behave as naturally as possible, while not forgetting about all the above points. Feel free to scratch your nose or sneeze – we are all human. Laugh when it’s funny, say what you want to say, in short, be alive. It has already been said a lot about how to win a girl’s mind, but a simple sense of humor and natural behavior has not been canceled!
  10. Act.
    You haven’t figured out how to win a girl yet? “Go ahead and do it!” No matter how strong the desire to please a lady is, it will only happen if you practice your practical knowledge in reality. However, “work out” – the word is hardly appropriate here. Act from the heart and soul, be real, love, and then the acquaintance with the desired object can develop into a more serious and healthy relationship. Do not look here for tips on how to win a girl on the Internet, go out on the street and arrange unforgettable dates!