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They lie and don’t blush

They lie and don't blush

They lie and do not blush: 4 female Zodiac signs that do not shy away from lies.
We all tell lies. We lie to avoid trouble, or to look better than we really are, or simply because it is a painful addiction – the motives for lying are different for each of us. As well as how adept we are at deceiving people.
Astrology calls the women of these four Zodiac signs the most outstanding liars. We hope that you are not on this list.
The Scorpio girl is at the top of the list of Zodiac signs that lie most often. To be honest, hardly anyone will be surprised by this statement. And the Scorpion herself will agree with this fact.
Before us is the most manipulative and deceitful person. She has no equal in the ability to deceive people! She’s damn good at lying. Every time, fudging facts and inventing non-existent stories, this girl herself firmly believes in what she says. Is she worried about this? Absolutely not! Scorpio lies constantly and does not hesitate to such circumstances. “I’m not a liar! I am a dreamer!”, – she will say in response to your exposure of deception.
And the Gemini girl is a talented liar. Her friends and buddies have long noticed this vicious skill in her. However, he says goodbye to the Twins – a creative and cheerful nature. After all, this person will close her eyes, wrinkle her nose in surprise and continue to tell the incredible story of her acquaintance with a noble and generous oligarch.
Each time her fairy tale will be overgrown with new facts and details. The further you go, the more interesting and improbable it becomes! Listening to Gemini, it seems that she herself no longer remembers what her story began with.
The Fish girl is very sensitive and emotional! At first glance, these qualities of character seem nice and harmless, but they push the Fish to lie and make up stories. To achieve what you want or get closer to the goal, the Fish will lie. So much so that he will plunge into beautiful verbal laces, far from the truth.
She excitedly tells something that never really happened. It convinces the interlocutor of its awareness and correctness. He believes in what he makes up on the fly. And just try to catch her in deception – in response, you will receive a dozen more “plausible” arguments.
The combination of charm and manipulativeness makes the Libra girl a professional deceiver. She lies to get out of trouble, to impress, to look cooler, to get what she wants. In fact, she always lies!
Moreover, she deceives not only others, but also herself. The indecision of the Libra girl prevents her from tracking her lies and being responsible for them. The number of deceptions is increasing like a snowball, but they’re all damn plausible!