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How to fall in love with a girl?

How to fall in love with a girl

How to fall in love with a girl 12 ways.
Each of us initially has different goals in the pickup, but in general we are similar. For every man, there comes a time when he wants not just to fuck chicks, but to learn how to attract the best women and make them fall in love with his personality.
But before that, all you need to remember: once you fall in love with a girl, then you are responsible for her feelings and everything that happens between you . And if you want to just play around and then disappear without a trace, then you will violate the universal karmic law. It may happen that one day you will fall in love with a ten-point beauty, and she will just take advantage of you and leave you with nothing. My friend, approach the process wisely.
So, let’s consider effective ways:
Show high value. You can figure out how to attract a woman when you have something to offer. First of all, this includes confident dominant and active behavior, which you separate yourself from the rest of the guys who creep in front of the fair sexualy at the first opportunity. Such a pattern of behavior is almost impossible to simulate, and then only for a short period of time. That’s why men come to bootcamps to pump up leadership skills and develop an inner strezhen – isn’t this the real goal of a pickup truck?
Show interest and engagement. Often guys ask: what is the secret of Yegor Sheremetyevo? Especially for you, I reveal my cards, there is no secret. In principle, I do not seduce girls who are uninteresting or indifferent to me as individuals. But it often happens that guys are trying to impress those women to whom they are absolutely not attracted, alas. All these things it is desirable to demonstrate at the first meeting, so that the girl who is attracted to you, thinks that this will always be the case. However, such a test drive cannot last forever. 🙂
When you talk on a date, ask questions that you are genuinely interested in: where she lives, who she studies for, who she works with, what people she is friends with, where she most often goes, what her views on life are, what she wants to achieve, how she sees her future and family, and a thousand much deeper details and topics that are worth discussing. I do not advise you to arrange an interrogation, but without proper rapprochement and personal contact, you will not be able to build a relationship, you will not even be able to get her into bed.
Don’t be callous, open up your weak spots. Being with an alpha male is cool, but it’s much more difficult to feel it or get into the personality of such a man. Therefore, you can not try to hide your shortcomings, otherwise you will destroy the basic principle of congruence. However, it is not always necessary to demonstrate your flaws because…
Every woman needs an individual approach. More than once I wrote that the main quality of a seducer is flexibility, remember? All the techniques in this article should be applied point-by-point and depending on the situation and a huge number of parameters. Unfortunately, I can’t describe them in detail here, you’ll have to write another book. Ч A sense of what needs to be applied and what doesn’t comes with years of hard practice and an impressive amount of experience. First, ask yourself: what is the best thing to do at the moment?
Use the competent closer-further. This technique is as old as the world, but no less effective. Again, you need to feel when it is better to pull away, and when, on the contrary, to run to her and fall at her feet. You can do this, but you just need to know why and how. Never answer her further with your closer ones! This is a taboo, otherwise you will instantly break the image of a confident man that was created all the previous time of your communication.
Let it be invested. Start with small things: let him serve a cup, go for bread, cook dinner, top up your account, help you solve some small problem, and so on. And then you can increase the speed in proportion to the degree of her love. The task is not to cut down the jackpot from her, but to cause as many investments as possible in terms of time, emotions and material things in order to bind the girl more strongly to herself.
Give it depth and a wide range of emotions. This rule applies to all seduction: the approach to a woman, a date, a walk home, a phone conversation, correspondence, and in general all other aspects. Why? First, you stand out from the rest of the suitors, and secondly, in this way you cover the numerous female needs.
First rude, then affectionate, thoughtful and talkative, cheerful and sad, kind and angry. You can alternate calmness with impulsiveness. This is partly the same closer-further, but more thoughtful and refined.
Make a lot of promises. This can be combined with passages to the future, that is, you describe to her in detail and colors how you will spend a vacation in the Maldives, play a chic wedding and have three children, and so on. Ideally, understand what her fundamental values and beliefs are, and then use them to the fullest, but again wisely.
At the same time, you do not need to immediately run and fulfill the promise, let her invest and do everything possible to make her wishes come true. All this applies to the item about investments. The more she does – the more attached she becomes. You don’t want to be a baborab, do you?
Use krisesnos. Most men are too proud or lazy to do anything nice or unusual to their woman. That is why they do not go to training, but sit at home and jerk off. Such things need to be used in the most unexpected moments to rock the girl on emotions. For example, you have a great time sitting and chatting on a date, and you suddenly get up abruptly and leave due to unforeseen circumstances. This also includes the following method.
Use double recursion . It’s no secret that all women use manipulation. So why not turn their weapons against them? Sooner or later, your girlfriend will start to bend you, for the first time you just need to humbly play along with her and pretend that you fully agree with her conditions. But this adjustment cannot last long. It is advisable to break the pattern of an obedient dog almost immediately in front of her eyes and do everything in your own way with the frame that this is your game and not hers. You wanted to do that, and then you played your cards right.
You also need to be able to not just say no to her, but do it on time! A simple example: you have a first or second date, and it turns out that you live in different parts of the city. Trying to manipulate you, the girl throws the idea that it is not good to let her go alone at such a late hour. After all, supposedly, she does not walk like this alone. This is not a child to be afraid of walking on the evening streets. At the moment, you can “get into the situation” and play the role of an obedient puppy, agreeing to go fuck knows where, and then abruptly make a serious face and say: “no, we are still too little acquainted for this” and say goodbye, but do not do it rudely.
. Fuck her best. Secrets from Yegor Sheremetyevo are poured out on you like gifts for the New Year holidays. If you give your girlfriend the best sexualy, she will fall head over heels in love with you and will never cheat. Just for this case, I have a decent product “Super Sex”.
Do everything for yourself, forget about expectations. That is, each of your actions in the direction of the seduced girl should come solely from selfish motives. Otherwise, you will be blown away in the first stages and fall into the friendship zone. Therefore, get real pleasure from the process, because nothing lasts forever.
There were 12 ways to make a girl fall in love with you. I am waiting for your reports on the application of my advice.