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Friendship man and woman

Friendship man and a woman

We will determine for ourselves whether it is possible to communicate M+W exclusively in the friend zone, listing the advantages and disadvantages of such communication.
There is a strong opinion that there is no friendship between a man and a woman. They say that one of the parties at some point will want more than just to cry in the vest, and communication will go beyond the friendly. However, there are exceptions.
When friendship M+W is possible.
They say that friendship between a man and a woman is a friendship between former or future lovers. There is some truth in this. Friendships are possible if you are childhood friends and perceive each other as nothing more than brother and sister. You were used to trusting each other with your innermost secrets from a young age, and in your youth you shared the impressions of your love affairs, and the attraction between you, it seems, would have become some kind of absurdity.
In addition, you know each other’s character to the point that you can predict any action — what romantic vibes are there, because you are like an open book reread a hundred times for each other. There will be no interest here.
Another scenario is possible: when you are both happily married people who do not look around. Maybe even you are family friends. This is an important condition — to choose a non-free man/woman as a friend, then the communication will be without subtext. If one is in a couple, and the other is in a search, the subtext will ask for itself. At some point, a free friend will start making hints, allow himself to flirt, and soon you will have to break up.
What are the advantages of friendship between a man and a woman?
There is something in which an ordinary girlfriend will always be inferior to a male friend:
● Absolute honesty. A friend of the opposite sexual will be able to tell even the bitter truth, simply because he has no desire to flatter. He loves her too much (within the framework of the friend zone), and to flatter means, in this context, to deceive or not have the courage to admit the obvious. And she will not subconsciously compare herself with such a friend, because they are different. Therefore, even the sobering truth will not be met with resentment. For example, he will say: “Men think you are frivolous, dress modestly.” From a woman’s mouth, this phrase can sound ambiguous, do you agree?
● Lack of competition. Whether we want it or not, we will still mentally compare ourselves with a friend — her appearance, jewelry, fans, career success, and more. In a friendship of different sexes, there is no envy — what is the point of it? You are completely different. Hence, more sincerity in communication.
Men are completely devoid of guile, so in any case, he will not do anything mean to his girlfriend.
A male friend will not take her husband away.
The probability that he will spill the secret entrusted to him is much less and even tends to zero compared to a female friend.
In his company, you will feel the support of a strong shoulder.
A man-friend is an invaluable adviser in matters of the heart, who, like him, knows the male psychology and tricks in relation to women.
Cons of friendship between a man and a woman.
With all the bonuses of such a friendship, there are obvious difficulties that its participants will most likely face:
If, as friends, both are free from obligations, sooner or later, accidentally or not, intimacy can occur, which will complicate everything. The relationship will not grow into a romantic one and will not return to its former friendly course. First, because of the awkwardness, you will start avoiding each other, and then you will decide not to see each other at all.
● If one of the friends of M+W is married, it is unlikely that the husband/wife will be happy with the communication of the second half with a representative of his sexual. In the family, discord begins, it may even reach divorce.
A friend of the opposite sexual may become jealous of a personal relationship with a guy. Yes, he has no feelings for his girlfriend, but he will miss the time together, he will start to challenge what her boyfriend said, etc.
Based on the list of pros and cons, the advantages of M+W friendship are much more than the difficulties. By and large, the main thing is that a person is sincere and friendly, and his gender identity is already secondary.