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Books that will save your marriage.

  1. “Why Men Lie and Women Cry,” by Alan and Barbara Pease.
    Few people know the couple of Alan and Barbara Pease-geniuses of the psychology of gender relations and authors of countless books on the same subject. Their work “Why men lie and women cry” is not the most popular, but it is definitely one of the most powerful works. In it, a couple who have lived together for more than 10 years, simply, easily and naturally puts on the shelves all the biggest mistakes and disagreements in the relationship of the spouses. Why does he lie and cheat? How do I stop nagging him? How to bring sexualy back into a relationship? Here you will find not only the answers to all these questions, but also examples of using all the tips in practice.
  2. ” Man and Woman. How to understand each other”, Vadim Korotkiy.
    The bouquet and candy period is over, the stamps in the passports are standing, and you woke up one morning and suddenly realized that the man who was “before”was not next to you. A well-known medical practitioner, Vadim Korotkiy, authoritatively states that this is normal. Young families sooner or later encounter a number of problems, but parting is not an option, but an extreme measure. After all, who will save you from the fact that the next relationship will not end in the same fiasco. “Man and Woman” – a family guide on how to develop your marriage in harmony, and learn to understand your partner in practice.
  3. “Marriage without shouting and quarreling”, Hal Edward Runkel, Jenny Runkel.
    Family therapists Hal Edward and Jenny Runkel position their book as radically different from what you’ve read before. “Marriage without shouting and quarrels” – a guide on how to get out of a relationship crisis, love yourself anew and let each other breathe. And most importantly, what they try to convey to each author: conflict is an integral part of a living and happy relationship between a husband and wife. The main thing is to know how to behave in it.
  4. “365 + one rule of true love for every day of the happy year”, Diana Balyko.
    Diana Balyko, a popular personal growth coach, claims that in order to find your life partner and go hand in hand with him happily, there are 366 auxiliary rules for daily living all year round. This book has already changed the lives of hundreds of couples for the better. You will not find here long philosophical arguments and examples, here only honest, sincere, ironic, romantic, sometimes absurd, and always very necessary rules for a joyful life with him.
  5. “Conflict in the family”, Andrey Kurpatov.
    Russian psychotherapist “Dr. Kurapatov” is honored and respected by readers of all ages and categories. He earned his fame by the fact that he is extremely easy to reason on complex life topics. So “Conflict in the family” was no exception. In it, the vague term “family happiness” is gaining concrete forms, and the problems and difficulties of translation in marriage are laid out in alphabetical order on the shelves. Andrey Kurapatov puts a lot of topics in the context: from the sexual activity of the spouses to drunkenness and the distribution of roles in the family.
  6. ” The Paradox of passion: She loves him, but he doesn’t love her”, Dean K. Delis, K. Phillips.
    As the authors themselves say on the first pages of the book: you will definitely find yourself here, if you love, loved or were loved. “The paradox of passion” clearly shows all the steps in the development of relations between a man and a woman, and the reasons for their decline. The book helps to find ways to save even the most lost marriage, if it was really built on love. We strongly recommend the work for reading to those who have already lost faith that they can grow old together.
  7. “Love as a way of life”, by Gary Chapman.
    The book of the guru of the relationship of the sexes, published in more than 20 languages of the world , is the sequel to the immortal bestseller “Five Languages of Love”. This item on our list does not directly talk about the bonds of marriage, but it gives an excellent impetus to personal growth and change the world around you. Gary Chapman says-fill yourself with love, and the world around you will become brighter, and your family and friends will be happier. Do you want to live in a happy marriage? Start with yourself!
  8. ” Man and woman. Minus 60 problems in relationships”, Ekaterina Mirimanova.
    The book of Ekaterina Mirimanova-the cry of the soul. After an unhappy marriage and dozens of attempts to build relationships with the opposite sexualy, the writer decided to share her experience and tell women what mistakes should not be made in marriage if you want to be together with a man. This work by Mirimanova is simply full of personal discoveries by writers and conclusions about what is good and what is bad.
  9. “Love and Respect”, Emerson Eggerich.
    American Emerson Eggerich has already become a cult figure in distant America. Together with his wife, Sarah, the writer has already traveled all over the United States and taught thousands of couples to live happily together. The book talks about everyone’s need for love, personal space, and respect. There are a lot of reasons for conflicts in marriage, but Eggerich promises that after reading his manuscript, they will be much easier to solve.
  10. “How to Save a Marriage”, by Dave Carder.
    And finally, a practical guide for those who are faced with a bitter and terrible adultery. Especially for you and only in this book, psychologist Dave Carder will tell you all the reasons for going on the side, possible options for developing relationships “after” and how to survive a long rehabilitation period. The work will really help couples who have experienced such a thing to rebuild the bridge of trust to each other and return harmony, joy and love to their lives.
    I would like to finish with the story of how American Derek Medina, author of the book “How I Saved my Marriage”, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife. And this means that marriage is a complex and painstaking task every day. And if something does not work out – do not immediately proceed to drastic measures. Love each other, appreciate each other, and may every marriage truly made in heaven last forever.