The appearance of a guy does not matter as much to a girl as the appearance of a woman does to a young man. However, if you have a beautiful appearance, it will only be a plus and increase your chances of success with the opposite flirt.
By good looks, a man should understand a neat appearance, a sporty body, a short normal hairstyle, a shaved face or a neatly trimmed beard, clean new clothes and a pleasant smell from his body. This will be enough to please the girls. You should not dress up too much, do manicures and pedicures, dye your hair and eyebrows – this is too much and repels girls in the same way as an untidy appearance.
Which guys are more like girls in character.
Your character is the main thing that determines whether a girl likes you or not. You may not have a lot of money or an extremely beautiful appearance, you may not know many things and do not have a 30-centimeter penis, but if you are a strong personality with a strong character, have a sufficient level of arrogance, a sense of humor and love of life, it will be much easier for you to get the girl you like than any other guy.
Remember! If you want to become a successful seducer, then know that no matter what anyone says, but modest and quiet guys most girls do not like! So if you are like this, immediately get rid of this negative quality!
What kind of body guys like girls.
Girls like tall, slender, moderately pumped-up guys. If you’re overweight, get rid of it. If you, on the contrary, are too thin, then urgently gain muscle mass. To do this, you need to exercise and follow a special diet, depending on what indicators you want to achieve. In addition, you should give up bad habits as soon as possible, because if you want to become a successful lover, you must be healthy and have a lot of energy.
The role of wealth in seduction.
Answering the question of what kind of guys girls like, you can not ignore such an important factor as money. Many guys like to think that money in seduction does not solve anything. This is not quite true. If you want to be a professional pickup truck driver, you must have a lot of money, which you will have to spend on yourself first of all-buy good clothes, get a car and an apartment where you will bring girls for flirt. In addition, it is much easier to feel confident, having a lot of money, than not having a penny to your heart. Therefore, the question of money should be solved without fail, if you want to become a professional pickup truck driver.
The answer to the question of what kind of guys girls like is quite banal: funny, athletic, healthy, successful, strong-willed. If you want to achieve success with the opposite flirt, you must develop the qualities that are given in this article. If you act in this way and simultaneously try to seduce girls, you will soon notice that the percentage of success on the love front has increased significantly.