The question “What should be the ideal young man?” is asked not only by girls, but also by guys. Of course! Knowing the priorities of the chosen one, you can adjust your appearance and develop the necessary character traits to appear before her as a prince charming.
So what is important for modern girls?
Naturally, they meet by their clothes . Whatever your mental qualities, you should be noticed first. Modern girls, first of all, look at what a guy looks like. If you have a nice smile – you are one step closer to success. Try to get rid of acne and other defects on the face. Shave regularly! The uneven growth of the beard and mustache does not look very attractive. A neat hairstyle and excellent taste in clothes will also help to please the chosen one. But no matter what style you dress in, your clothes and shoes must be clean. After all, sluts do not enjoy special attention of the female sexualy.
Yes, yes, boys, this is one of the most important components of the perfect guy! It is proved that the smell of a man plays a primary role for a woman . The smell contains information that helps us to understand on a subconscious level who is in front of us – our own person, family and friends, or someone else. And oddly enough, odors (pheromones) are responsible for love at first sight. Your smell is a mixture of body odor, hygiene products, perfume, clothing, and hobbies (for example, a slight smell of gasoline and leather if you ride a motorcycle). A girl falls in love if she likes this smell. If not, nothing will help. Therefore, if you want to conquer a girl-smell delicious!
From the perfume today, 1 Million Paco Rabanne, fragrances from Lacoste and Antonio Banderas are in high esteem! Bottles can be purchased for less than 50 rubles. Although the taste and color-there is no companion. You can easily find out the girl’s preferences by asking her to help you choose a men’s perfume, for example, for a brother or a friend. Well, if there is no money for perfume, then use scented lotions and sprays.
This is one of the main qualities that is very highly appreciated by the female half. The guy should be dominated, but most importantly-in moderation, because the weaker sexualy does not tolerate too persistent. A girl should have a feeling of a strong shoulder and loyalty on the part of her lover. Courage and sacrifice are also inherent traits of masculinity. So if you are, then you are almost perfect!
I don’t know about you, but I admire guys who want to achieve something in life. And it is with such a person that it will be easier to build a serious relationship than with a person who does not understand at all what he is in this world for, even with an unsurpassed appearance. If you are an avid slacker – I will hasten to disappoint you, it is unlikely that anyone will “bite” you.
Absolutely all girls “melt” from courting them. If your chosen one does not show that she is pleased, believe me, she is grateful for your care. Make more compliments, show signs of attention, help, be able to listen, sometimes just take your hand and give it another hug. It works!
A sense of humor.
If the girls don’t laugh at your jokes, then there’s something wrong with them. For a girl, in fact, it is very important that the guy is a humorist. After all, any girl dreams of such a “soul of the company”. Everything can be learned. This will help you watch comedies and humorous programs, read books and jokes.
Congratulations, now you’re on the finish line!
Girls, what do you think should be the perfect guy? Do you guys agree with such statements? Write your answers in the comments.