All these phrases to start a conversation are not taken from the head, they are worth serious research. So read and remember.

  1. The best phrase to start a conversation if you want a long-term relationship is “I like your jacket/skirt/blouse” Do you
    want to start dating her? Then pay a compliment to her wardrobe choice. The journal of personality Psychology Social Psychology found that women are more likely to trust those men who make compliments without sexual overtones.
  2. If you are in a bar / disco, start the conversation with “Do you want to dance?»
    According to research by the magazine Sex Roles, 70% of women believe that this is the most appropriate phrase to start a conversation if you are in a bar.
  3. If you meet for the first time, start a conversation with “I didn’t happen to see you anywhere? Your face looks familiar to me “
    New York University conducted research and found that this phrase works great for starting conversations with strangers. It sounds something like ” You are very attractive. What’s your name?”, but it’s much less confusing.
  4. The best way to start a conversation at a party: “I don’t usually do this, but I just wanted to come up and say hi. Let’s have a drink together?”
    This phrase is unobtrusive and contains a direct offer a call to action, so she will probably say Yes.
  5. If you are in public transport, refer to it as: “Can I help you with your bag?” / “Can I help you down?”
    Girls love it when you take care of them. Your act of kindness and concern will surely endear her to you.
  6. The best way to start a conversation is if one of you is shy and you have mutual friends: “Hi, have you seen Lyosha/Pasha/
    This innocent phrase will not scare away a shy girl and will help to continue the conversation.
  7. If you want a one-night stand, then the phrase ” Why are you dressed so strangely?» it will help you get started.
    The University of Kentucky claims that those ladies who are not set up for a long-term relationship prefer more brazen men who are not shy to flirt. If this phrase doesn’t scare her off, then it’s probably what you need.
  8. The best phrase to start a conversation with a colleague: “Do you know any good exhibition / interesting museum where you can go for a weekend?”
    This will not only demonstrate your cultural level, but also help you choose a topic for a subsequent conversation. Don’t forget to invite her to this very museum or exhibition at the end.