Most men have managed to experience the feeling of falling in love at least once in their lives. And there are those who periodically fall in love with different girls, while experiencing just a blast of adrenaline. So what is this state of being in love? Meanwhile, psychologists have long answered this question.
In the ICD (International classification of diseases) at the beginning of this century, a new disease appeared-an unspecified disorder of habits and drives. That is, the doctors called the state of love that way.
Falling in love is fleeting. The average duration of its course is from 1 day to a year. A person does not tend to be in love for a long time. Then it will either pass, or transform, turning into love. Even the most vivid, happy, romantic love can be considered a deviation from the norm – a state close to narcotic.
Is falling in love a disease?
What kind of disease is this – falling in love? Why did the doctors classify it as a mental disorder? But because a person in a state of love can no longer control their emotions and feelings, experiences great psychological stress, is constantly in a nervous state of overexcitation.
Despite this, people want to fall in love, “catch the virus” of passion, suffer and worry, but under one important condition-love must be mutual! After all, if there is no reciprocity – then there is a threat to the psyche, and sometimes to the physical health of a person. Sometimes it comes to the threat of life itself.
The feeling can be transformed into a disease if a person goes too deep into his experiences and forgets about ordinary life, about relatives and friends. It all depends on the personality, character, willpower, and age of the young person. In difficult cases, you should contact a psychologist.
When love comes.
Such a state as falling in love appears from our subconscious, and it absolutely does not depend on the desire or “order” of the person himself. In fact, this feeling causes a surge of the stress hormone (adrenaline), which causes a feeling of pleasure and excitement (euphoria) in the human body, which is quite pleasant.
Often asking yourself the question of when the love will pass, you can safely and confidently say – it is already over. Love can not be ordered-today can not come, and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – you can. It is impossible to fall in love only with a decent girl who is liked by the entire official environment of a young man, including his parents, especially his mother. And do not be genuinely surprised that the girl you are in love with – does not cause delight among relatives or friends.
To you, she’s just an angel of pure beauty right now. And you’re willing to turn a blind eye to her flaws – you don’t notice them. Rose-colored glasses work. You can fall in love at least every day. Today it is a classmate, tomorrow-a fellow student, the day after tomorrow-a work colleague.
Falling in love is creative. All the great works were created by poets, artists, writers and musicians in love. Scientists in love made their greatest discoveries. If you want to create in the name of a woman, then a person feels a sense of love.
Changes that occur with a person in love.
It is clear that falling in love for a person is not quite a familiar state. It’s unmistakable. During the onset of love, the human body begins to feel different. The result can be absolutely unexpected both for the lover himself and for the close people around him.
His character may change, his habits and tastes may change. He will begin to pay more attention to appearance – he will change his hairstyle, buy other clothes, get carried away with modern accessories. Especially noticeable are the changes that have occurred in people with increased emotionality and sensitivity. Actions that a man in love will never take in relation to a girl-the object of his worship and sighing:
Never humiliate the girl you like in a conversation. It doesn’t emphasize that she said or did something stupid. In relation to the object of his love, he will never allow rudeness, shouting, or scandal. All disputes and disagreements that arise between him and the girl will be resolved in a calmly ongoing conversation by finding a reasonable compromise. Noticing unpleasant little things in her character or actions, he will try not to notice them, calming his annoyance. Even by a hint, he wouldn’t let her know that he didn’t like something. Being close to a girl you like, a young man will not single out anyone. He will not be impressed by anyone’s beauty, even if the forms of his beloved are far from ideal.
20 signs of falling in love.
When a person falls in love, his behavior, thoughts and actions change. The people around him will be able to determine that he is in love by some signs:
First, he wants to see the object of his “sighing”more and more often. He tries to cross paths with the girl he likes wherever possible. And there is a reason for the meeting or not-it does not matter. At the same time, he tries to show that the meeting is absolutely random. When parting, he will call her on the phone several times a day or write pleasant little things in social networks. networks, using a computer or gadget.
Secondly, all thoughts are directed only to the object of love. If possible, all conversations will be reduced to the topic of her, the only one. Third, the desire to “know everything” about the girl you like. To do this, he collects all possible information about her, doing it as delicately as possible. Fourth, despite the place and time where he is, a person in love can “fall out” of reality. This is due to a sudden” awakened ” dreaminess in him. Fifth, a lover may have problems in school or at work due to problems with concentration. Sixth, a young man who is distracted by a girl he likes ceases to pay the amount of attention to his family and friends that they demand from him. As a result – quarrels, insults and scandals in the usual environment of communication. Seventh, a person in love also changes in appearance. His expression becomes happy and a little silly, and his eyes constantly have a radiant glow. Eighth, he feels “on top of the happiness of falling in love”, ceases to be angry and irritated. Even something that previously caused the strongest indignation. Ninth, he becomes more generous and gives away material gifts in the form of gratuitous gifts for his family and close friends. Tenth, a person in love begins to dream about his future with the very object (girl) to which his feeling is directed. Eleventh – his willingness to sacrifice for the sake of his beloved. He would do anything for her and for her. Even something that I would never have wanted and would never have agreed to before. Twelfth, the lover does not notice the shortcomings of the object of his momentary infatuation, and what irritated him in other people-looking at this girl-he only touches. Thirteen, at the sight of a girl, a young man who is in love with her begins to feel a tremor in his body, his hands fog up and sweat appears on his face from excitement. Fourteenth, the lover’s speech changes, it becomes slurred and tongue-tied. He forgets words and phrases. This is due to the” suddenly piled on him ” shyness. Fifteen, he is frankly ” getting stupid in front of his eyes.” But even such an incident can happen to a person in love because of the feelings that overwhelmed him. Sixteenth, the man frankly tells the girl stories from his life, sometimes unpleasant and painful – in a word, he trusts the girl with the facts that are important to him. Seventeen, when he meets a girl, he is worried and shy. The younger the young man, the more difficult it is for him to hide his sympathy and awe of the object of sympathy. Eighteenth, dreams of intimacy with the girl you like will not allow a young man to sleep peacefully at night until he realizes his dream in reality. Nineteen, he is frank with the girl, trusts her. Of course, he wants to show the girl in the best possible angle, but he probably won’t lie to her. Finally, with an explanation about your feeling, you should not” delay”. It is the man who should be the first to make a confession to his chosen one. And let fate decide – even if she, the object of love, refuses, do not despair and think that everything is lost, and life is over.
If there are at least 4 of these signs, we can say with complete confidence that a person is in a state of love.
The above list of signs of falling in love is not exhaustive. Each person is different, and their behavior during this wonderful feeling can become completely unpredictable. It is important to remember that falling in love is not love. If a man is in love – this only indicates that he is interested in a woman, and is ready to develop a relationship.