When love comes, you feel the change in yourself immediately. All thoughts are only about your loved one, only next to him you live and breathe deeply. What about him? How do you find out about his true feelings? After all, it is very difficult to observe, analyze, and draw conclusions at this time. And to determine what feelings he feels for you – I want to. It is good that there are certain signs of a man in love. They are easy to spot.
He has time for you.
If your chosen one has tender feelings for you, then he will definitely find time to meet you. He will try to give you time every day. In men, a certain sign of falling in love is the desire for contacts, their search, the organization of “random” meetings under ridiculous pretexts, the increase in the duration of these meetings.
He’s always in touch with you.
If a man is in love, he will certainly try not only to communicate more directly with you, but also to send you SMS, e-mail, and call more often than usual. And the signs of a man in love, which can be detected during telephone communication, are a change in the tone of voice, pauses, slowing down of speech, insinuation.
His attention is on you.
All men like to look at girls, especially pretty ones. They do not hesitate to look back at the passing beauty. However, it is noticed that men in love lose interest in looking at women’s charms. Of course, before Angelina Jolie, anyone can not resist. But for a man in love, even for a while, other girls cease to exist.
It tracks who you communicate with.
When you start paying attention to another man, this is where the signs of a man in love become especially vivid. A man who is not indifferent to you will follow the men in your environment in a special way. Always in love wants to be exceptional, and therefore he even strains when talking about his potential competitors.
He makes sure that you feel good.
The unmistakable signs of a man in love are a touching concern for your mood and well-being. He will try to guess your wishes. While talking about business, he may suddenly ask if you had lunch. It can also manifest itself in the way he will wait with bated breath for the answer to the question of whether he liked his gift. A sign of a man’s love is necessarily taking care of the feelings of his beloved.
He takes your opinion into account.
Intellectual respect is a necessary attribute of true love and an indispensable condition for the transition from love to love. After all, without kinship of minds, real long-term relationships are impossible. If you have become an authoritative person for your man, then you can not doubt his feelings. Even the most notorious macho, falling in love, begin to take into account the female opinion.
It introduces you to your friends and family.
When a man is definitely in love, he will definitely introduce you to his close friends, and maybe even to relatives. This is a very serious sign. This is done only when a woman is really dear. After all, this is equivalent to an official announcement about your relationship.
If all the signs of falling in love on the face-fine! If-no, do not rush to get upset. Maybe your man is at the stage of the birth of a great feeling and the fire of his passion needs to be maintained?