Scientists say that even material well-being and success in work are not as important for a person as harmonious relationships in the family and with others. This is what we will talk about in the article.
How to improve your relationship with your partner.
“How to improve your relationship with your husband?”, ” How to improve your relationship with a girl?”, ” What to do to improve your relationship with a guy?» — the web is literally full of such search queries. Indeed, when a couple’s relationship comes to a standstill, it affects all other areas of life, the emotional and even physical state of each partner.
Here’s what you can do to improve the relationship between husband and wife:
Speak in the form of “I-messages”
What do we do when we need to declare that some action of the partner is not pleasant? That’s right, we declare “You make me mad!”, “As much as possible, stop it, I’m tired!”. In addition to the fact that the form of the statement itself offends the partner, it does not give him information about what exactly is wrong.
Try changing your tactics. Say, ” Honey, I’m offended that you forgot about our anniversary.” Or: “Right now I feel some tension between us, and I’m very uncomfortable.”
In this way, you talk about your feelings without offending your partner and without causing him to argue and conflict. Ideally, if both in a couple will practice this approach — but do not push, start with yourself. This will already be enough for the degree of intensity of passions to decrease.
Don’t criticize your partner in public.
Even if you really do not like the act, restrain yourself and wait for the moment when you are alone. Then you can talk about what happened in peace.
Don’t get offended.
This is a rather childish way of interacting with the world. Do not force your partner to guess what is wrong, it causes tension and leads to further quarrels. If you don’t like something, say it. It happens that emotions overwhelm. In this case, write a letter explaining your feelings and how you would like to solve the problem.
How to improve your relationship with your mother or father.
Relationships with parents are one of the most difficult and sometimes painful requests that come to a coach or psychologist. How to improve relations in the family?
I’m sorry about the parents.
Sometimes it’s very hard to do. However, it should be understood that they wished you well and “caused” it in accordance with their ideas. Now you are an adult who can take care of himself, give himself something that was not in childhood. Leave the past in the past, try to look at your parents through the eyes of an adult – and you will see how the attitude towards them will change.
Relationships start with communication. Call your mom. Ask your father how his day went. Even if it was not accepted in the parent family, gather everyone for dinner. The more you communicate, the warmer the relationship will be between you.
Thank you.
Get yourself a “Gratitude Notebook”, in which you write down everything for which you can say “thank you” to your parents. Write everything, even the little things. In the process, you will notice that you are not just writing mechanically, but actually feel warm and grateful to your father and mother.
How to build relationships with children.
This topic is so extensive that it is impossible to cover it in one article. There is no single recipe here, but remember: children need your direct “inclusion” in their lives. Engage in joint activities, communicate, invent, create, play together-this alone can significantly improve the situation in the family.
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