The answer to the question of why the girl no longer feels the same feelings for you lies in your own actions. Your actions, thoughts, or life aspirations went against her natural instincts.
The opportunity to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend exists, how to do this, you can also learn. The information you get here allows you to fall in love with a girl and make the relationship itself harmonious.

What kind of guy attracts a girl?

First, you just need to understand that the girl is attracted to the strength, independence, masculinity of the guy. With a guy like that around, she knows she’ll be protected. The girl sees in the man not only the breadwinner and support, but also the carrier of the best genes for the child.
If a guy doesn’t fit that description, the girl won’t want to be with him, no matter what conventional methods he uses to make her fall in love with him. She leaves as soon as she finds someone who is more in line with her ideas of the ideal.
There are opportunities to fall in love with a girl again.
When your relationship began, she saw in you the traits of her ideal, the one whose genes she would like to get. Relationships are dynamic, they change, just like the people themselves. And in this process of development, it could overtake you, and you either simply did not have time for it, or decided that everything could be left as it was familiar and comfortable to you.
As a result, her feelings for you have faded. It is unwise to take offense at her – no one but you is to blame. And if you want to fall in love with your ex, then you need to approach the situation differently. You can return the girl’s interest yourself. I’ll tell you exactly how to do it.
When I am asked the question: “how to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend,” I suggest identifying the specific reasons why she fell out of love. It will also be important to get rid of the behavioral traits that repel your girlfriend – those that were previously, and acquired during and after the breakup.
Usually a guy who has fallen out of love with a girl, indecision appears, self-esteem decreases, there is no clear plan of action, emotions become uncontrollable, uncertainty manifests itself when communicating with other girls.
Behaving like a real man is important not only in a situation where you want to fall in love with your ex, but also in order to become attractive to other girls again, to understand how to communicate with them.