Despite the fact that different parts of this article are intended for different genders, the principles laid down in the” falling in love ” of guys and girls are the same. I recommend reading the article in full for men and women. This will help you avoid manipulating yourself and better understand the options available to you to win the guy/girl of your dreams.

How to make a girl fall in love with you.

Have you heard that girls often say that all the best men have already been sorted out? Fact: Women fall in love with married men more than they do with single men. Do you know why? Girls think that the best men are always married, because if a man is married, he is perceived by the girl’s subconscious as a safe choice – other women want him. Our subconscious mind works on the principle of NOO (the least dangerous mistake). “If other women want it, then, “the girl’s subconscious thinks, ” there are reasons for that. He’s busy, so he’s cool!”And the conscious brain of a woman rushes to despair:” Damn, I fell in love with a married man again… Why am I so unlucky…” But we must also admit that a married man behaves differently. He feels his demand, feels love for himself, and in every possible way shows his value to the female sexualy with all his behavior, thereby further inflaming the passions around him.
Did you know that bartenders sleep with girls like rock stars? Do you know why? They obviously have less money than lawyers and they don’t have the body of a bodybuilder. And yet, the bartender can return home in a taxi with two beauties, when the lawyer is taken home by his driver alone. Why? And look at how people are waiting for the bartender’s attention. Everyone wants to order a drink, looks for his eyes with their own eyes and thinks “ ” Bartender, bartender, pay attention to me!”The girls see it. Their subconscious perceives the bartender as a very popular male. Falling in love with a bartender is therefore very easy. There is an illusion of huge demand for it.
Why did girls go into ecstasy at Beatles concerts? Would they have gone into the same ecstasy if they had met Paul McCartney sitting at the bar? Never! The bartender would have attracted them more. At the concert, all attention is paid to the singers, they are wildly in demand by other girls, there is competition for them and this is a signal for the subconscious “love!”. “The temperature of the male’s demand” is heated up by the competition at such performances to red. Girls are really going crazy.
An experiment was conducted . A male partridge with clipped wings was released on the edge of the forest. Other partridges were flying nearby and did not react to it. But as soon as a stuffed female partridge was placed next to him, the passing females began to sit down next to him on the edge of the forest, and began to entice him by walking around.

How to make a guy fall in love with you.

How many times has a woman sitting at home stopped attracting her husband, and it would seem that the spark in their relationship was lost forever. But what happened when she went back to work? As soon as she returned to the team and began to receive attention from men, her husband immediately became active. He would start greeting her with flowers at the exit from her work and endlessly compliment her on how sexy she looked. He even started making her dinner! Why would that be? In fact, she has not changed objectively externally, but for him she became a sexualy star, because his subconscious received the signal ” This is a great female. Other males compete for it. You have to compete, too. Love me!” This signal she began to emit herself, having received the attention of other men.
Why do we pass one store sideways, and go into another without thinking? If there is no one in the store, and there are only one sellers, we will pass by it. But if there are a lot of people there, we will definitely look at the product and prices. We can even start trying things on, even if the prices are very high! It’s the same with the restaurant. Are you going to eat in an empty restaurant? Nope! And the same goes for choosing a partner. There is a demand, so we are here! The same is true for men and women.
What happens to a man when he knows that a girl is still thinking of going back to her ex-boyfriend? A red flag appears in front of him – he begins to pursue it and compete. He can’t sleep, he’ll text her asking where she is and what she’s doing. His sense of love is activated, even if he did not feel anything for her before. His subconscious catches the signal – “competition for an individual of the opposite sex”. Our subconscious mind does not have accurate information about the guys or girls around us, and it has no time to collect this information. Our animal brain (the subconscious) operates on the principle of NOO (the least dangerous mistake). The subconscious mind (and it is he who falls in love, the conscious mind has nothing to do with love) thinks: “if there is competition, then I am making the right choice.”
“ Love is evil, you will love a goat ” I would add “ if there is real competition for a goat”.
Returning to yesterday’s example about Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva (how we fall in love). Now you are closer to solving what attracted the young guy to the popular diva? He can actually love her – because she is hyper-popular, and the demand for an actress is huge! And he has enough money himself. So, this decision of Maxim is not so illogical. Everything, as always, is understandable.
Manipulations and tricks.
How to simulate the attention of people of the opposite sex? After all, remember – your partner should not know that there are other girls/guys in your life, your partner should feel it . There are different types of tricks. As an example, guys can use a forgotten” someone ” hair band in the car (if the guy has short hair). Girls may accidentally drop a phrase about” her favorite ” restaurants. Of course she doesn’t go there alone or with friends…
My attitude to tricks and manipulation.
I’ve been studying the social dynamics of the sexes for a very long time. Hundreds of books have been read, and more than 200 hours of seminars on this topic alone have been listened to! I have been professionally engaged in relationship psychology for 8 years. I have been coaching relationships for the last two years and have sorted out a huge number of behavioral patterns. I feel sick when inexperienced girls try to pull all sorts of tricks on me. The same feeling occurs in girls when guys try to manipulate them.
The surest way to make him or her fall in love.
If you are really going to play these games with someone and want to make a guy or girl fall in love with you, do not pretend to be in demand for yourself. Spend this game at the highest level, create a real demand. It’s more powerful. Against him, the opposite sexualy really can not resist. They fall in love really and really hard.