To win the favor of a girl is actually not an easy task, since in modern society it is quite difficult to surprise and impress with something. Despite this, psychologists advise men to try to avoid banality, as well as to please their beloved with various pleasant little things. To begin with, you should think about a plan for how to fall in love with a girl, if there is no relationship between the couple yet.
The first serious contribution to a relationship is the right acquaintance, which forms the first impression of a man. Experts in the field of interpersonal relations offer several effective scenarios for how to win over a woman, all sorts of tools are used – a smile, a look, phrases, compliments, a situation and even a certain time.
The basic rules of how to fall in love with a girl.
The first thing that all psychologists say is that in building a relationship with a girl, the experience of a man is not so important as his appearance and image. Most women initially evaluate a man externally, but it is not about attractiveness and beauty, but about neatness, presentability, cleanliness and a sense of taste. Further, the pickup rules note such important details of seduction as a smile, a look, the intonation of speech and phrases, compliments and the correct behavior of a man.
A close look.
The most important weapon, how to win a girl, is attention to her, as absolutely all representatives of the fair sexualy need it. Therefore, at any opportunity or at a meeting, a man should demonstrate his attention and interest in her. The best way is eye contact and a close look in her direction, by which the girl will understand that the man is interested in her.
It’s no secret that no one will like a closed, sullen and dissatisfied person. Therefore, if a man is looking for ways to win the heart of a girl, another condition is considered to be his smile and positive mood. Any difficulties in life and troubles at the sight of a girl should immediately be pushed into the background, giving her a smile at eye contact. If she reciprocates with a smile, then the man has every chance of getting acquainted.
Choosing the right time.
If a man has set a goal to make a woman fall in love with him, he definitely needs to think through such little things as the meeting place, the situation, the time of day. Acquaintance can actually be anywhere, the main thing is to choose the right time. It is also important to observe a certain distance of about 1 meter between the girl and the guy, so as not to show excessive obsession.
Every man knows that in order for her to fall in love, you need to competently conduct conversations and give the girl compliments. At the same time, it is important to keep a balance, not to be banal, but also not to be clever with pleasant phrases, so that you do not feel ingratiating with her. At the first meeting, you can praise her hairstyle, outfit, as well as a smile, voice or laugh. Next, you need to try to build a light, relaxed conversation, so that the girl does not feel tired from the conversation.
Don’t rush into a relationship.
Many men know how to behave with a girl in theory, but in practice they make many mistakes. For example, at the first acquaintance, they try to find out any contacts and information about the girl, her phone number, address, place of work.
If a man is confident and sees all the signs that he was able to impress a girl, you can start by taking a phone number. Otherwise, it will be enough to find out her profile on social networks to continue communicating at a distance.
10 ways that work flawlessly.
Psychologists offer a separate science-pickup, thanks to this skill, you can learn how men fall in love with a woman. When gaining knowledge, experience and some psychological techniques, you do not need to try to quickly fall in love with the object of desire, since haste has never been a companion in such important goals. Psychologists offer psychological techniques that are almost win-win in conquering women’s hearts.
Top 10 techniques for winning a girl:
Humor. If a man managed to make a girl laugh, he was already able to win her over. Experts advise you to joke boldly, without fear of being comical. With the constraint and officiousness of the conversation, a joke is the best weapon for defusing the situation. The girl’s interests . Before you conquer your chosen one with surprises and dates, you need to learn about what she loves most, what she is fond of. Next, the man needs to do everything so that her interests coincide with his, whether it’s sports, dancing, swimming, books, etc. Or you can just find out any information about her hobbies in order to keep the conversation going in the future. Listening . No girl will be able to look closely at a man who simply does not know how to listen to her. Even if her conversations are not always interesting, a man needs to show interest in her and in everything related to her. Support. Do not rely on the promotion of feminism, removing some of the responsibilities and responsibilities. Any woman is looking for a strong and reliable shoulder. This is especially true in the questions of how to fall in love with an adult woman. Trust. A difficult task for most men is how to win an introverted woman, who is initially closed from contacts and trust. In every possible way, a man must demonstrate that she can trust him even in the most difficult circumstances in life. Compliments . Any girl before a date and a meeting devotes a lot of time to creating an external image. Therefore, if possible, you should always praise the choice of clothes, makeup, and hairstyle. Sweet stuff . You can conquer a girl with small surprises, especially if they are sweets. Almost all representatives of the fair sexualy still have a sweet tooth, so a gift of chocolate, ice cream, a box of sweets or cakes will be appreciated. Flowers. Well, as without flowers, thanks to which you can fall in love with a girl to madness. All women adore flowers, even if some of them do not admit it. You need to give them not on holidays, but every time unexpectedly. Memorable dates. You can also conquer a girl by the fact that a man will keep in mind all the important dates and events, for example, the first acquaintance, the first kiss, the beginning of a relationship, etc. This will show the seriousness of intentions and attitudes towards it. Surprises. Beautiful gestures will be appreciated by any girl, regardless of age, temperament, character and outlook on life. It can be an unexpected gift in the form of jewelry, or it can be an unscheduled picnic trip, a trip to the sea, theater tickets, etc. The main thing is that surprises are timely and appropriate in certain circumstances.
Before starting a conversation and acquaintance, it is better for a man to think beforehand what to say to a girl, with what topics to start a conversation, with what phrases to demonstrate interest in her. In the future, you need to remember that all women like to be sought, conquered by attention and care.
Psychological techniques.
It is difficult to win the predisposition of a girl at first sight, but it is quite possible if you know the tricks and psychological techniques of a pickup truck. Having known them, a man should in no case doubt whether it is possible to fall in love with a girl in this way. The manifestation of self-doubt will immediately be revealed by the object of desire and regarded not in favor of the man.
The pick-up skill teaches the basic points that a man should know about a woman, namely:
eye contact is important in order to make a girl fall in love with a look, since they all love attention and admiring their beauty; if a girl is not deprived of the attention of men, and responds to their views by ignoring them, a man needs to behave exactly the opposite, not paying any attention to the object of passion; if a girl is bored with gifts, surprises and dates, you need to stop paying attention to her and show some coolness, after which she herself will start looking for reasons to meet; it is extremely contraindicated for a man to compare her with other women (even if you give an example of a familiar girl), this always leads to the collapse of the relationship.
After dating and during communication, you can track how she reacts to body contact. If she reacts even to a light touch of her hand on her arm, tries to move away, is shy and blushes, then even such small details are important to her. Psychologists consider this a demonstration of the degree of its readiness for further rapprochement.