Often men do not know how to behave in a particular situation, how to build family relationships, how to establish a relationship with his wife, how to prove his love to her. This article contains the most useful tips for men!
Tip 1. Don’t try to cheer her up!
Men should understand that it is not necessary to try to cheer up a woman when she is bad. All attempts to cheer her up will be in vain, moreover, the relationship with his wife will only worsen after that.
Give her time to sit and calm down, to think about her experiences. If you really want to help her, talk to her about her problems, give her a chance to speak out.
Tip 2. Do not rush to give recommendations on how best to proceed!
Therefore, they immediately begin to give advice on how best to act in this situation. Don’t do that!
Just listen to everything she has to say, showing her interest with questions, a nod of the head, emotional statements like: “My poor!”, ” I didn’t know that you were so worried!”, ” I didn’t think that you were sick from this»…
Understand that when a woman talks about her problems, she does not want you to solve them, she just needs to relieve tension, and she can do it with words.
Tip 3. Don’t defend yourself or attack!
Even if you are hurt and hurt by something in her words, do not start to object and defend yourself, just listen to everything. Your beloved does not seek to offend you, she only says that she feels bad because you did it. Say, ” Now I’ll know that you’re upset about this, and I’ll try not to make that mistake again.”
Such words will save your family relations from another conflict1, and your wife will be grateful to you.
Incorrect dialog.
“One evening, my wife said that she felt bad and sad. That’s what came out of it… “

  • It’s all right, my love.
    — Just … (followed by an explanation of the reason for the sadness).
    “Do you want me to tell you a joke?” (Trying to say something funny with a cheerful face)
  • Stop trying to cheer me up. You can’t do it anyway.
    — Well, then do this in this situation … (offers a solution to the problem).
    — Do you even know how to listen?” You never listen to me … (then came the reproaches of inattention).
    The husband, annoyed that he was accused unfairly, because he tried to help, resentfully leaves.
    The correct dialog.
    — Just … (followed by an explanation of the reason for the sadness).
    “Yes, I know it upsets you.
    The wife continues to talk about the problem. When she has finished, the husband asks —
  • What do you think to do in this situation?
    The wife offers her own solutions to the problem.
    Then the husband asks:
    — Can I help you with something?”
    In this case, the wife will either ask for any specific actions, or say:
  • No, thank you for listening to me. I felt much better.
    Building a perfect relationship with your wife is easy!
    By regularly communicating with your partner, asking her about how she feels, what worries her, and cares, you will make her happy, and she will give you her warmth, affection and love.
    By the way, it is noticed that a heart-to-heart conversation often causes a woman to have sexual desire. Therefore, if your spouse is not inclined to have sexualy with you — talk to her, and your chances of spending an amazing night with her will significantly increase.
    What will reflective listening give you ?
    ” These are the practical tips I got from my father. The reception is called reflective listening. The essence of it is that when your wife tells you something, you listen carefully. When she’s done, you just summarize everything she said in your own words. This offers two interesting possibilities.
  1. This method allows you to hear your wife and clarify whether you have not understood her correctly.
    “Many times I didn’t understand what she was saying to me (because I wasn’t listening to her properly or because she wasn’t using the right words). If you heard what she said and confirmed that you understood everything correctly, you will eliminate misunderstandings in your relationship.”
  2. This method serves as a confirmation for your wife that you listened to her and understood correctly. This is very important.
    When she feels that you understand her, she will feel comfortable. This is one of the basic needs of a woman — the desire to be understood.
    Listen up. Understand. Empathize. This way you will improve your relationship with your wife and make your family life happier. Family relationships require constant attention, do not forget about it!
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    1 Conflict is the most acute way to resolve contradictions in interests, goals, and views that arise in the process of social interaction, and is usually accompanied by negative emotions .