Many men naively believe that if a girl has agreed to go on a date with them, the key to her heart is already in their pocket. In fact, the first meeting in this case is a kind of”qualifying round”. To get to the next stage, you will have to charm your lady and give her a maximum of positive emotions on this day.
How do I do this? Read the detailed instructions below.
Put on a suit.
Men in suits — business, successful and rich. At least, this is the impression that most women have. Even if you’ve never worn a suit, even if you have to rent one, do it! Come to the first date in a jacket and trousers. No unnecessary officialdom, no tie or bow tie, but a jacket and clean, shiny shoes are a must.
Tip: Better take a shoe sponge with you. There is a risk that your shoes will get dirty and this will spoil the overall impression.
By the way, there is an opinion that representatives of the fair sexualy always evaluate a man by his shoes. If you come to a date in old sneakers, which you usually run in the morning, you can turn around and go back.
Choose a suitable location.
It is best to take the girl to a restaurant or cafe. A romantic atmosphere will promote pleasant communication, delicious dishes will lift your mood, and light alcoholic beverages will allow you to relax a little to get to know each other better.
If you take a girl to the cinema, there is a risk that she will not like the film. Walking in the park for the first meeting is not suitable a priori. Extreme entertainment, especially, will not be appreciated by every lady. Therefore, a restaurant and cafe are the best option. Do not go to a noisy institution — choose a cozy and quiet place for a meeting, in which you will be comfortable to communicate.
Tip: when a girl says: “What a nice place! “(and she will say it), answer that you often visit here alone or with friends. In the opposite case, the companion may think that this is your “lair” for dating, and instead of having a good time, she will fantasize about how many girls have already been here before her.
Be generous.
Be generous! Women are very fond of generous men, even if they say that “money is not the main thing for them”. When a man is ready to spend, without counting every penny, women simply melt! Believe me!
And most importantly, do not skimp on tips. If the bill seems too big to you, don’t show it. If the lady notices that you are surprised, shocked or even upset, most likely, the evening can be considered over, and you can not even count on a second date.
Tip: even generosity should be in moderation! Do not overdo it, otherwise the girl will consider you a spender, which will also negatively affect the further development of events.
Pay her compliments.
No wonder they say that women love with their ears. So it is! Ladies just love it when they are complimented, but even this issue needs to be approached wisely. Banal compliments such as “You are beautiful today” your companion, most likely, will simply ignore. The same applies to “fake” compliments, such as, “with you, I’m like in paradise” or “next to you, my heart melts”.
It is best if what you say will relate to any details in her appearance and image. “You have very elegant hands”, “I like how playfully this lock of hair escapes from your hair” , and so on.
Tip: never compare her to other women, even in a positive way. Don’t talk about them at all! On the first date, there is only one lady for you, and she is sitting opposite.
Make a surprise.
And this will be the “final blow” in winning the girl’s heart! Pretend that you need to step away for a moment and return to her with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. All girls just love surprises, so believe me, such a seemingly insignificant and simple gesture, she will appreciate it.
At the end of the evening, invite your companion to take a joint selfie. If she agrees — everything, you can assume that she is yours! Just do not need to post a photo online on the same day and change your marital status to “have a girlfriend”. Be prudent and unhurried, wait for some time, and she will tell all her friends that she has a new” oh, what a cool ” boyfriend.