How to understand what a man likes: 10 proven signs.
Being attractive to men is every woman’s dream. And what they do not do to achieve this goal: visit the gym, a cosmetologist, buy stylish outfits and high-quality cosmetics, and in extreme cases, they are ready to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. But, alas, not always such efforts give the expected result. In the pursuit of the ideal, ladies forget that appearance is not in all cases the main factor of charm.
For example, there is a type of women who bathe in male attention at any age. And others in this regard are not at all lucky. It often happens that the “gray mouse” has a stately loving husband, while the painted beauty spends day after day alone. So how do men like it, and what are the secrets of charm?
What women attract men?
Let’s start with the fact that the ideal girl who would be liked by all representatives of the stronger sexualy does not exist. The fact is that every young person has their own preferences: someone likes miniature blondes, someone sports brown-haired women, and some are completely attracted to full brunettes. And no matter how beautiful a girl is, it is unlikely that a guy will show interest if she does not match his ideals.
But, often, the special importance of the appearance of a man is assigned in his youth. The older they get, the more they care not about what kind of figure a woman has, but what kind of character traits she has. Someone likes meek” home “housewives, and someone is crazy about ladies with “peppercorn”. But still, there are qualities that cause sympathy in all representatives of the stronger sexualy, without exception.
What do men like about girls?
Femininity. This concept is comparable to behavior rather than appearance. If a lady consumes alcohol immensely and her speech is not complete without a “strong word”, it is unlikely that they will fall in love with her, even if she is beautiful in appearance.
Positive attitude. A lady who is always in a good mood, often smiles and knows how to make a good joke, attracts male attention like a magnet. From such a person comes a huge charge of positive energy, it is always nice to be near him.
Self-respect. The law of psychology is this: until you love yourself, don’t expect others to love you. But do not confuse this term with selfishness. A woman who loves herself will not be equal to others, knows her own worth, will not humiliate others, and will not let herself be offended. Even rich men can’t break it , because it is self-sufficient.
How does a loving Zodiac sign behave?
Aries is characterized by masculinity and determination. If a person born under this sign likes a girl, he will certainly take the first step, without any stupid hints. But such a man will not enter the same river twice. If he is in love, he will definitely talk about his heroic deeds, because masculinity is the main advantage for him.
But it seems to Taurus that the best way to win a girl is to constantly make her laugh. It’s amazing how this sign combines a sense of humor and impulsiveness. Under the eyes of outsiders, he will certainly touch the girl, as if to make it clear that “she is mine”, but then translate everything into a joke.
According to gemini, sympathy is very easy to determine – if a guy becomes like a “bath leaf”, then the mechanism is started. He will call for days on end, watch in social networks, and when they meet, he will chat incessantly.
Cancers are inherently mentored, and he will treat the girl he likes “like a father”. As a rule, this sign is very secretive, and will keep a distance for a long time. But it is easy to recognize love – he will not be able to hide the sparkle in his eyes at the sight of the object of adoration.
The lions have no lack of gallantry. This sign is very beautifully cared for and likes to make an impression – expensive restaurants, gifts. And he will try to conquer the parents of the chosen one.
According to virgo, it is not difficult to determine love at all. The virgo guy will smoke more than one pack of cigarettes at the beloved’s house, just to see her by chance. And he can also find out through friends about whether he likes his lady of the heart, or not.
The Libra man is a romantic nature, but for him a loved one is also a reliable adviser. Therefore, he will certainly ask for help in solving various issues. And for him, it’s not just that. In the normal state, Libra always decides everything by itself.
Scorpios find it very difficult to hide an interested look. A representative of this sign can look directly into the eyes for a long time, and will not waste time on empty conversations. It is quite normal for him not to ask permission for a kiss, and to behave as if you have known each other for a long time.
Sagittarians have a certain obsession. Sagittarius will often try to appear together with the lady who interests him in the same company. If you reject it – then the interest will flare up even more, and he will try to conquer the girl in all possible ways.
It will take a lot of effort to read the love of capricorns. Such a man is lost in his feelings, and if something skipped a beat in his heart, he may even disappear for a while. He will constantly suffer in doubt, and will take the initiative when there is a threat to lose his beloved.
Aquarius men are characterized by sociability. Such a sign will try to learn as much as possible about the other half, always ask about life, hobbies and preferences (up to what perfume flavors you like best). With him, you may not notice how friendship smoothly flows into a novel.
On the fish, everything is immediately noticeable. This sign is very romantic, and can sigh for many years for its object of adoration, while not talking about their feelings. Anonymous notes and gifts-quite in his style. Sadly, such a man rarely makes the first step.
The main signs that a man is in love.
Despite how old he is, who he is according to the Zodiac sign, and how long you have known each other, any man in love is given such signs:

Strange, not inherent behavior in your presence; 2. A constant sense of his gaze on you; 3. Frequent “random” meetings; 4. Gallantry and care towards you; 5. Memory of the little things about your life speaks volumes; 6. He often changes his plans for you; 7. Conversations on topics of interest to you; 8. He tries to pay more attention to his appearance and thinks about the future; 9. Being near you, he does not notice other women; 10. He wants you to meet his friends and parents.
Believe in true love and put all of the above into practice. If many of the signs match – there should be no doubt!