Do you still think that a real woman needs money and gifts? That resorts and bouquets can give her happiness?
There can be no equality in the family. Either you are in charge, or you will be led by a young lady.
If you don’t want to live a life in which a girl will nag your brain around the clock, it’s time to become a leader. I will tell you how to be in charge and how to become a dominant, a real man.
The content of the article: “How to be the main thing in a relationship?”
I read a lot of advice from women on leadership and family leadership on the Internet. Half of them write that they are for equality. I don’t understand how. Do they throw a coin when they decide which apartment to buy? Or do they play a practical joke on chu-wa-shi about which school to send their son to? In short, nonsense.
I think, in fact, it’s all run by the women themselves. The only difference is that they pretend when it is convenient that the husband is in charge. And the decisions that are difficult to make are passed on to him. And when it’s profitable, they take the reins and let’s steer. Equality is the same.
The other half of the women shout that if you trust a man to manage everything, chaos will begin. That men will do a hell of a lot in the family, and they need to be controlled in everything, otherwise the ass. I laughed and thought about it. Who are these women? What kind of men do they have?
These are the ones who live with mattresses. Next to them, the men-rags, who shifted all the responsibility to their wives and relaxed. And wives have no choice but to abruptly stop being weak and grow the eggs that are necessary for any relationship. That’s how strong women are born. So their idea of a normal family is distorted.
Don’t let something like this happen to you. And don’t let that happen to your girlfriend. You have to be a leader. You should be in charge! Not her, not together, but only you! Got it?”
And it’s not that simple. It’s not enough to bang your fist on the table and shout what you’ve decided. An authoritative leader does not order, but persuades people with iron arguments. A woman herself will be happy to follow you and your decision, if it is balanced, competent, logical and firm.
That’s what gives you every right to be in charge of the relationship. So, let’s go!

  1. Be confident in yourself.
    Show your leadership, and for this you need to pump yourself. Yeah, what did you think? The man is distinguished from the penis carrier by a strong position.
    Insecure, downtrodden and wrapped in complexes, you will not impress anyone. Only a strong man can take on the role of the main and leading in the family and in life.
    Don’t be disrespectful to yourself. Stop everything you don’t like. Don’t become a baborab.
    At the same time, show yourself a breadwinner, a hunter, a defender for her. Convince her that you are a man, that she will be safe with you in any matter. This position will be visible in your actions, self-giving, and gaze. This will help you achieve a lot in other areas of your life.
  2. Be self-sufficient.
    What is it? It means not depending on anyone. Nothing.
    Be able to earn your own living, rent, communal services, vacation. Be able to wash, iron, and buy everything you need for life on your own. Learn how to cook some basic dishes.
    You must not depend on anyone. Especially from a woman. Everything that she does, you must be able to do yourself. So you don’t need any help. You can live without her or anyone else.
  3. Make decisions.
    You make all the decisions. Yes, yes, everything that concerns you and you.
    You can consult her, it’s good and normal. But in the end, you have to do it your own way. It’s always up to you. And to be responsible for the consequences – too.
    This is a strong male position, any young lady will feel and appreciate it.
    If the decision leads to something unpleasant, you will answer. You’ll have to fix everything quickly and take responsibility for what’s happening now. If you calmly and steadfastly endure such moments, and not shout that it was a girl who advised you nasty things, you will quickly take a leading position.
    If the decision brings positive results, you will only earn the respect and trust of a woman. She will be proud to have a man beside her who has solved and settled the problems that have arisen. In the future, she will become even more obedient and compliant from this feeling.
  4. Start with the little things.
    Even things like what movie to watch, what wine to choose, and what to cook play a role.
    This is all important, because by giving the initiative to her, you lose a little bit of your masculinity in her eyes. Each time, she will take the initiative more boldly. One day, this will move to global solutions, which means that she already plays the role of a man among the two of you. So, she is already in charge and she is already a leader.
    In addition, if you agree to her suggestions that you do not like, the dissatisfaction will be visible in your behavior. The discomfort of not doing what you wanted to do will have an effect. And she’ll soon stop being interested in you.
    And in general, do you really think that the main person in the relationship will ask the young lady what movie you will go to? Seriously?
  5. Dispose of its checks and manipulations.
    Why do women do this? Two options.
    The good one is that it tests you for weakness. She does this not to subdue you, but to make sure that her choice is correct. From time to time, all the young ladies do something like this to calm down. If you don’t show your masculinity often enough, she will sometimes check to see if the man next to her is strong or if you are relaxed.
    Option two : she’s manipulating you. Perhaps she was used to behaving like this with other men. Either she tested you for weakness, you failed the test, and this option suits her. Such women are used to leading a man, I wrote about this in detail in my article about henpecked men.
    And remember that a wise woman will act as the “neck” while you are the “head”. She will obey you on small things and guide you in making important decisions. Do not get caught, with the help of tricks, she can try to fool you.
    What should I do? Show your inner core balls and prove to her that you are a man.
  6. Be purposeful.
    An important quality of a confident man. It will help you in all areas, and in relationships, too.
    Set goals and go to them, strive and achieve. Don’t stop, even if you fail several times in a row. This is the only way to achieve success.
    A girl shouldn’t feel insecure around you. When it comes to relationships, she should clearly understand where everything is going. Make plans, talk to her about the future, it will give her a sense of calm.
    Otherwise, she’ll start trying to set goals while you’re lying on the couch. It is important for her to understand what is happening and what will happen next. And so she will try to solve it. And take on men’s responsibilities. For you, this is a straight path to rags.
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